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Tiny Lanyard for my Knife

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I needed to attach a Tritium fob to my knife so I could find it in the dark... Since the knife, handle and the sheath are all black, I wanted to be able to find it easily. A few stitches of the Solomon Bar worked nicely.

One More Carabiner in Glow-In-The-Dark

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Lights ON

Lights OFF

Reflective Cord Half Hitching

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And as promised here is the Reflective Cord tied with Half Hitches

Half Hitching on a Carabiner

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My Every Day Carry pack is all black, and there are times when I want to see it just a little bit more at night. I took about six feet of High Visibility yellow cord and tied a series of Half Hitches on a carabiner. Now when I want to be seen I clip my carabiner to the outside of my pack, and when I want to go stealth I take it off.

My next version I will use reflective cord... coming soon...

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